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Like its name, this incredible city has its grace and subtlety on its own.As a resort city, Miri offers a wide range of accommodation from international class hotels to budget inns, good beaches and dozens of lively restaurants, pubs and bars. The story of Mulu started so long ago, in a time span that is difficult for us humans to grasp - 40 million years ago - and to make it even more intriguing, the Mulu story began deep under the sea.In 1841, the Sultan gave Brooke the governorship of Sarawak and the following year ceded complete sovereignty of Sarawak to Brooke, the first White Rajah.Brooke reinstalled the Malay chiefs into their former positions to help him administer their people in the state, and was highly successful in suppressing the widespread piracy of the region.

However, the treaty forced them to stop headhunting (ngayau in Iban language), and they refused to sign it.Rentap escaped and retired from active warfare soon after, swearing that he would never see the face of another white man. His remains are in a tomb at Lumbong, and were reburied by the Sarawak State government in a hero's burial ceremony in 1989.The battle-cry of Rentap's warriors, agi idup, agi ngelaban (English: 'still living, still fighting'), is commonly used by the Royal Malaysian Armed Forces.Libau Rentap) (d.1870) was a Iban-Dayak warrior and a recognized Iban hero in Sarawak (now part of Malaysia) during the reign of the first White Rajah, James Brooke."Rentap Tanah, Runtuh Menua" translates from the Iban language as "Earth-tremor, World-shaker".

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While Brooke was fighting pirates in Sumatra, his enemies were emboldened. Dido arrived, accompanied by the company's steamer Phlegethon.

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