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- Refrigerate all dairy products as soon as possible after use.

- Don’t pour leftover milk from your pitcher back into the original store container. - Wrap cheese tightly to keep it tasty and mold-free longer.

Fruits that give off a lot of moisture (especially berries) should be loosely wrapped to prevent the growth of mold or spoilage bacteria that make them slimy.

Wipe up spills promptly, and, every month or two remove all foods and clean and sanitize the entire interior. Remember, low-sugar or sugar-free products will deteriorate faster than conventional products. Get one with plastic or glass shelves rather than wire racks because plastic or glass is easier to clean and keep germ-free.3) Remember that eggs are good for 3-5 weeks after the sell-by date printed on the carton.Don’t confuse a sell-by with a use-by date and throw out perfectly good eggs.- Regarding eggs: 1) Don’t store eggs in the refrigerator door; the temperature is too varied there.2) Be sure that eggs are not stored in a refrigerator section that’s cold enough to freeze them.

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(But don’t make it so cold that the beverages develop ice crystals and lettuce leaves begin to freeze.) “The refrigerator temperature is very important,” says food scientist Dr. “The difference between 33 and 41 can almost double or halve the shelf-life.” ­­- Find the cold and hot spots in your fridge. Catherine Cutter points this out: “Some foods may start to freeze at a higher temperature than others.

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