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Slovakia was not so happy and health minister Tomáš Drucker said it abstained because none of the newer EU member countries made it past the first round.The east European country made its feelings clear in a Twitter message that read: “Bratislava was a strong contestant and front runner.After Milan won every previous round, he said: “It’s like losing a final on penalties.”Peter Susko, spokesman for Slovakia’s Foreign Ministry, said: “We are convinced that the citizens of the European Union from the newer member states expected an important signal that showed that even the new member states would be given the opportunity to demonstrate their readiness to host such an important agency as the EMA.”But the Initiative Inakosť, an association that promotes the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and intersexual people, indicated that one factor influencing the decision not to vote for Slovakia was that the country does not recognise same-sex marriages.Martin Macko, executive director of the group, said in a statement: “The fact that Slovakia does not recognise the family status of same-sex couples at all is firstly disrespectful to its own citizens.“The decision not to place the EMA seat in Slovakia shows that this issue is also a competitive disadvantage for our country.”The EU also voted for the new location of the European Banking Authority (EBA) at the same time, which went to Paris.Use our real time chat to check each other out and play before you meet ether you are independent Shemale Tgirls ,male members seeking out service provider, or a new provider on the site looking to take advantage of our many advertise opportunities !

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#geoggraphicalbalance was NOT respected.”Italy’s EU affairs minister Sandro Gozi said the choice had left a “bitter taste in the mouth” for the team backing Milan to host the EMA.

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It was a narrow victory for Amsterdam, however, as Milan almost won outright in the second round of voting.

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