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I asked if there could be a solution/compromise he said he felt he couldn't Hi..X-Tumblr-User: thedatingmansmind X-Tumblr-Pixel-0: https:// T=1420052922&J=ey J0e XBl Ijoid XJs Iiwid XJs Ijoia HR0c Dpc L1wvd Ghl ZGF0a W5nb WFuc21pbm Qu Y29t XC8i LCJy ZXF0e XBl Ijow LCJyb3V0ZSI6Ilwv In0=&U=CGHGKLEBOJ&K=da6c9fcd9b5d00ea4b98b826d47ec11e858a4cddd3ae43a22c3b1aa840305a62--https://T=1420052922&J=ey J0e XBl Ijoic G9zd CIs In Vyb CI6Imh0d HA6XC9c L3Ro ZWRhd Glu Z21hbn Nta W5k Lm Nvb Vwv Iiwicm Vxd Hlw ZSI6MCwicm91d GUi Oi Jc Ly Is In Bvc3Rz Ijpbey Jwb3N0a WQi Oi Ix MDI0Nz Az NDEw Nj Ei LCJib G9na WQi Oi Ix Hi!Anonymous said: My boyfriend of 3 mo was laid off from his job in summer and found a 10 month contract job across the country on the east coast. If the communication slows down it may signal that he is no longer placing the relationship as a priority. As the guy focuses on his newfound work responsibilities, he may lose focus on the relationship. Maintaining the twice a week phone call or even increasing the frequency of communication will be a great signifier of his intent.

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