The only way is essex online season 2 episode 3

" and Cheap car challenges, which are much larger in scope.

A common theme on Top Gear is an approach to reviewing cars that combines standard road tests and opinions with an extremely unusual circumstance, or with a challenge to demonstrate a notable characteristic of the vehicle.

Series Eight, Episode One The presenters were set the task of building a convertible people carrier.

They succeeded in removing the roof from a 1996 Renault Espace and replaced it with a canvas fold-down top.

Series Six, Episode Seven To celebrate the Ford Transit's 40th birthday, Hammond went to the Nürburgring to see if Clarkson's mentor from the previous Nürburgring challenge, Sabine Schmitz, could live up to her claim and do a lap in a diesel 2005 Ford Transit van in less than 9 minutes and 59 seconds.

Despite minor aerodynamic modifications and weight-saving made to the van - removal of the passenger seat, spare tyre, tools, windscreen wipers, Hammond himself - and using a Dodge Viper driving in front allowing the Transit to slipstream behind it, Schmitz was unable to do a lap time of less than 10 minutes, achieving a lap time of 10 minutes and 8 seconds.

Novelty challenges and short stunt films are typically based on absurd premises, such as jumping a bus over motorcycles (instead of the more typical scenario of a motorcycle jumping over buses), or a nun driving a monster truck.

Both the Herald and Hilux performed well in the water, however the Herald was slow due to the sails." Series Five, Episode Five Clarkson took a diesel Jaguar S-Type to the Nürburgring with the aim of completing a lap in less than 10 minutes.Clarkson was being coached by Sabine Schmitz, a noted German racer.Clarkson accidentally set the caravan and its neighbour on fire while trying to cook chips.Series Eight, Episode Seven The presenters, based at Knockhill Racing Circuit in Fife, were set the task of building a Caterham Seven Kit car from scratch and drive past the starting line, faster than the time it would take The Stig to reach the track from the Caterham showroom in Caterham using a pre-built Caterham Seven Kit car.

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