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Trina performs her original songs at a gig in New Orleans.

In New York, Tamar is on the brink and stressing out while taking care of Vince.

Tamar has ambitious photo shoot for her new album, but wardrobe is all wrong. Tamar is concerned that Trina’s boyfriend wants a private meeting with their father. Traci performs at Toni’s show; all the sisters are there. Mso Normal Table The sisters reconsider the album and decide to do a single instead. Sisters get surprise visits from brother Michael and Trina’s husband Gabe.Trina tries to reunite Towanda and Tamar, but their feud continues. Toni talks to a biographer about bankruptcies and her biggest regret. Toni realizes there’s tension between Tamar and the other sisters. Trina calls a truce with Gabe for the kids and drops her band to focus on her solo career.Trina, Traci, and Towanda go on a game show and try to win a million dollars. Trina joins Tamar on the road, but Tamar’s upset the other sisters aren’t there, and misses Vince who’s away visiting doctors. Toni models for Autism cause at Fashion Week; Tamar and Vince meet potential surrogates to carry their baby.Towanda shocks all with her role in a new theater project. Trina clashes with Traci & Towanda about Gabe and their housewarming party. Tensions rise as the girls struggle to make progress on their album.Sisters attend Trina’s test run for Bar Chix; bartender blows up. A pajama party gets out of control; Tamar and Trina have a blowup.

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They visit their childhood house but are kicked out by the new owners.

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