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The temperature is 41° C and the water is slightly mineralized, containing mainly sodium-bicarbonate, magnesium and sodium-sulphate. Moskovska 7 EISENGIESSEREIEN— IRON FOUN- DRIES - FONDERIES DE FER siehe Metallgiessereien — see Me- tal Foundries — voir Fonder ies de rnetaux EISENKASSEN - SAFES (Iron) - COFFRES-FORTS Pleven „Bourdjev Ivan" Kooperatzia Rousse Ganev Vassil, ul. - IRON CONSTRUCTIONS: BRIDGES, DOORS, WINDOWS, ETC.

2-58-73 PRASIDENT PRESIDENT PRESIDENT PLOVDIV AUSSCHUSS * EXECUTIVE BODY * BUREAU • • • * • » * * • • * V1ZEPRASIDENTEN . These are recommended by the medi- cal profession for nervous disorders, hysteria and other complaints. In preparing this work, the Chambers of Commerce and In- dustry have been inspired only with the desire to give another modest contribution to the development of the commercial life of the country, and if in presenting this Directory a part of their task should be realised, they will consider that their efforts have been justified. The radio-activity of the waters is 15 10 - 10 curies. The waters of this bath compare with those of Lushon, Bareges, and Aix les Baines, in France. THE BULGARIAN CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY mmmm mm aussch Osse und abteilungen der handels- und industriekammern executive bodies and departments of the chambers of commerce and industry bureaux et services des chambres de commerce et ^industrie ■ SOFIA AUSSCHUSS * EXECUTIVE BODY * BUREAU PRESIDENT PRESIDENT ^ DIMITER ST. They are highly recommended by the medical pro- fession for a number of cures, such as chro- nic catarrh, rheumatism etc. True to their proverbial reputa- mmmm ■*■ lawwi tion of honesty, they endeavour to work on a sound policy. VICE-PRESIDENTS J KOSTA ZLATAREV QENERALSEKRETAR | GENERAL SECRETARY \ D-R G. This water is most soothing to the nerves, and is recommended for diseases of the urinary and genital organs. These are modern baths, situated some 12 kilometres East of the town of Sliven. The water is recom- mended for chronic ailments of the throat, lungs, stomach and liver complaints. Klementina 11 BETONEISEN - BETON IRON - FER BETON Sofia Bulgarski Jelezni Zavodi, fabrika Pernik, kantora Sofia, ul. Boris 154 AUSGOSSE (gusseiserne) - WASH- STANDS (Cast Iron) — EVIERS (Lavabos) en fonte Plovdiv „ Balkan", A. Botev BADEWANNEN (gusseiserne) — BATHS (Cast Iron) - BAI- GNOIRES EN FONTE Plovdiv ^Balkan", A. Bett- matratzen — Beds (Iron & Brass) Bedsprings — Lits (en fer et lai- ton) et sommiers metalliques de lits (suite) Rousse Gabrovsky Bratia, A. It could be said, that it is on account of these qualities, that they have been able to pass through the worst period of the world economic cri- sis without suffering to the same extent as was the case in many other countries. Virshetz, is situated 18 kilometres from the town of Berkovitza, in the centre of pic- turesque mountain scenery.

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