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Tedi and Hary are even hit by a car as they run away in fear from the pocong, and must stay in a hospital.

The next day Wawan and Hary come to powerful clairvoyant to ask for protection.

On the way Wawan’s car breaks down, which is actually a trick.

Wawan offers her to come home with Hary, convincing her that she will be alright because Hary is a good friend of his. But Lastri smells something fishy and becomes offended for being tricked. Wawan tries to catch her up but Lastri walks faster.

Suddenly Lastri trips over a stone and falls over, losing her consciousness at once. Wawan and his friends become panic, blaming each other.

That night they take Lastri’s body to a storehouse.

Ia menikahi Biby dengan mas kawin berupan logam mulia sebesar 10 gram dan mushab Al Quran.

Setelah akad nikah, pasangan Rifky dan Biby melangsungkan resepsi di Auditorium Mutiara, PTIK, Jakarta Selatan, Minggu (7/1/2018) malam. Cantik dan Mempesona Cowok mana sih yang nggak akan tertarik sama wanita satu ini?

Layanan Live Streaming Video dan Video on Demand berbayar,yang bisa dinikmati melalui website layanan aplikasi Android dan i OS.Boy becomes panic and finally comes clean to his roommates, Ririn and Mirna.Hary and friends have accidentally killed a girl called Lastri.Pastinya kamu penasaran dong dengan sosok calon istri Rifky Balweel ini kan? Cantik dan mempesona, hal tersebut memang dimiliki oleh Biby Alraen.Nggak heran ya kalau Rifky Balweel tergila-gila banget sama wanita cantik satu ini.

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