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Requirements: Mac OS 9.1 and later, Macintosh G3 and G4 computers shipped with AGP graphics display cards.

It is not compatible with the DVD hardware in the Power Macintosh G3, Power Book G3* and Power Macintosh G4 (PCI graphics) series computers Apple/GV 56K Modem Updater 1.1.3 Includes Apple/GV 56K Updater 2.200 and Apple/GV 56K Updater v1.001.

if we were to optimize the generated clippings a bit. I do occasionally use STT on the i Phone to dictate SMSs but usually the mess it makes of my accent is not worth it. Still, I believe there is a Festival recipe already, so the basis would be there. on my modern Mac Book Pro, it's disabled.) Too much data going to someone else's server for no good reason ("processing" works just fine on an old G4!

Overall, my point is that I truly think with the dawn of assistants and AI itself coming to personal computing, Haiku needs to have at least sound bytes inside to somewhat keep with the times. ) What I was actually referring to were the pre-"Cloud" days (still working for me) on my classic Macs where Mac In Talk voices and localized recognition were used...

I chose to show 10.1 here, as it was still very simple.

If you haven't used a Mac from 10.6 or earlier, several voices are meant to be silly, like Bells or Deranged.

Requirements: The 56k internal modem which came with the Power Macintosh G3 (Desktop or Minitower, or Power Macintosh 6500 series computers.

These updaters DO NOT support the modem in the i Mac or the new Power Macintosh G3 (Blue and White).

The updater installs version 2.3 of the Conexant firmware which contains the latest versions of both the V.90 and the K56flex protocols.The Apple/GV 56K Updater 2.200 installs the V.90 protocol.If you have updated to the V.90 protocol and discover that your ISP only supports K56flex, run the Apple/GV 56K Updater v1.001 to install the K56flex protocol.The ones with names are serious characters -- the best ones, imho, are Bruce, Fred, Victoria.Here's Mac In Talk speech (English) on Mac OS 9.2 on my Power Macintosh G4.

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