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According to Syea (1995: 182), the [possessed possessor] pattern is “the first and only means of expressing [attributive] possession for well over a century”.

The [possessor his possessed] construction is first recorded in 1855.

Also discussed are a number of issues related to previous work on attributive possession in Mauritian Creole.According to Heine (1997a: 96) the Topic Schema “as a source for attributive possession provides one of the most common templates”.Several studies have examined the syntactic structures employed for expressing attributive possession in pidgins and creoles.In section 3 I show that there is a fourth type of attributive possessive structure in Mauritian Creole, attested in 19 century texts.Section 4 is concerned with a comparison of the attributive possessive constructions in Mauritian Creole and those recorded in the closely related Seychelles Creole.

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Allesaib 2012: 179): the possessor is indexed on the head noun via the adnominal possessive determiner so.

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