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We can hardly estimate the influence which that following of antiquity has had upon our own social life.

But there is a deeper influence even than Greek politics and Roman law, still powerfully at work among us, which we owe to a more remote past.

The book contains the code of Hammurabi, the prologue and epilogue, letters by Hammurabi and other political leaders, as well as a detailed discussion of the historical and legal background of Babylonian and Assyrian laws. This material is put online to further the educational goals of Liberty Fund, Inc.

But those Jewish ideas regarding society have been inherited in turn from the far more ancient Babylonian civilization.

In the letters we have untrammelled directness of address, without regard to models of expression.

In the one case we have a scrupulous following of precedent, in the other freedom from rule or custom.

On the other hand, the letters are often as colloquial in style as the contracts are formal.

Hence they swarm with words and phrases for which no parallel can be found.

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We should probably resent the idea that we were not dominated by Christian principles.

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