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Still, though, nights like this would always remind him that he was at the mercy of a true Hollywood diva, and that he’d simply have to put up with her demanding, high-maintenance way of life if he wanted to continue dating her.

Tom let out a guttural moan, as if some pressure valve in his brain was being loosened.All Tom could do was feed into her ego, to nourish it and pretend it wasn’t a strange, new world to him – at first, anyway.Eventually her attitude and ego grew to be very endearing to him, and her confidence and willingness to show off – especially in bed – pleased him to no end.Maisie was no exception to this rule – no, she was such a little actress.You know the type I mean; always over-the-top, always affected, similar to a younger Anne Hathaway, forever eager to impress and prove to the world that she was unique.

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