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The show chronicles professional and personal challenges of five surgical interns and their supervisors at Seattle Grace Hospital as they gradually evolve into seasoned doctors, while trying to maintain personal lives.

I would like to comment on the recent episode of Grey's Anatomy, airing on 4/9/05. I watched the recent episode on 4/9/05 and I am greatly APPALLED at the POOR writing, obvious RIDICULOUS medical advisory, and MOST OF ALL....

The program constantly features Izzie wearing next to nothing as she walks around the house she shares with Meredith and George.

Improbably, George (whom we can only assume is straight) complains about this, only to prompt her poke her head into the shower while he's there.

But it's getting a bit long, favorite caractors leaving and meredith staying she was one of the caractors i least liked and we r stuck with only her -_-. its a great show but i miss the way the show used to be...

I konw thay r trying to show us that that's how life is be still... I don't care if it isn't accurate to a "Hospital Life". dont get me wrong the new episodes are good but i personally think derek was a main attraction along with mer and christina.

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