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I am sure there is a hero inside every man and woman in the world in the right situation, but I do choose to risk and thus I am driven by that choice to perform ny duties with honor, as I swore to do.

The trauma docs I work for tend to have a very "odd" sense of humor, and if you don't work around them, you wouldn't get it. The things you're exposed to everyday sometimes changes the way you "handle things", compared to others.I don't think all fireman or police officers are egotistical or hero oriented.The pay to do our job is not great unless you are a California Firfighter or Florida.Yet these same people will write a letter to the local newspaper saying the cops are wasting tax money when they see a policeman, state trooper or sheriffs deputy ordering a coffee at a gas station when it is -15 below?Always found that curious I don't think I would think twice about dating someone just because of their job unless it was something I really didn't agree with like in an abatoire or a butcher or they ran local hunts or something YUK.

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