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For example, cannabinoid receptors (involved in pleasure, appetite, and pain tolerance) decrease in number during chronic marijuana use but return to normal when you stop using weed. Are most of these negative effects in fact reversible? I found this NIDA (National Institute of Drug Abuse) website that can refer you to more information about treating protracted withdrawal from marijuana: You can be a mirror for him and outline your very specific concerns (as they relate to you, your relationship with him, etc.) You can plan an intervention to try to get him to seek help for addiction to mood altering chemicals. There are no sources or relevant research to these statements which makes them invalid.

Some experts even think that cannabis has only benign effects on brain structure. I can tell you from personal experience that after almost 9 years off weed, I have increased my energy and am able to relate more clearly with myself and my environment than when I was smoking chronically. I had to re-discover how to feel good about life without weed, but this discovery has come gradually and organically. I found some more information about reversing cognitive deficits of marijuana in the book, "College Drinking and Drug Use" (2011). But otherwise, your son is going to make his own choices. For all I know, you are just someone typing up things that sound like they make sense. In neither of those articles do they state anything about long term memory deficit.

Some aspects of brain chemistry return to normal after you stop using marijuana. Is it possible the longer I abstain the better these areas will get, or return to normal? I was looking into scientific articles about marijuana use, dependence and withdrawal. You can set boundaries for what you allow to happen while he lives with you (if he does).

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However, research into the long term effects of marijuana on the brain is just beginning. Although there is little current research about abstinence and cognitive function, the outlook is good. He's an artist and there is no proof that marijuana has any kind of effect on him or his brain. Have you considered looking into Al-Anon for yourself? I've been smoking every day for roughly 5 months now, I have an IQ of 153, and I believe I know my mind pretty well. The changes in seretonin levels and norepinephrine levels were in a study of adolescent nondeveloped rats.

And why risk a lifetime of permanent brain changes when you can alter your path now? Subtle recovery of of cognitive functioning occurs slowly as abstinence periods increase. My memory is mildly impaired, generally only in short term (remembering a plot twist in a tv show.) However, this effect is mitigated by a 3 day tollerance break. How can you compare that to saying a grown human will have the same effects?

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For example, if you’re married, your spouse will automatically get a free membership.

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