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We may not be able to change the DOB on the MBR or SSR if administrative finality rules protect the DOB determination as shown in RM 10210.295C.Follow these procedures if an individual asks to change the DOB on the Numident record. S.-born or foreign-born, who requests a change or correction to the DOB on the Numident record, must submit evidence of age and evidence of identity to support the change, unless the correction is for an obvious keying error as described in RM 10210.295B in this section.NOTE: Whether you can correct the previous award of benefits for the claim due to a change in the DOB depends on the applicable rules of administrative finality.To determine how to proceed in situations involving administrative finality, see RM 10210.295G in this section.Follow the instructions in RM 10215.035D to correct the DOB on the Numident using the Special FO Processing option in SSNAP.If the individual states that the MBR or SSR DOB is incorrect, or submits evidence with a DOB that does not agree with the DOB on the MBR or SSR, follow the instructions in GN 00302.010D to resolve the discrepancy.A keying error occurs when the data on the paper Form SS-5 (not the system-generated application) does not match the data keyed into SSNAP, as determined by the entry on the Numident (e.g., Form SS-5 shows “06/21/50” and the Numident entry shows “06/12/50”).

If the individual alleges that primary evidence of age is not available, ask for alternative evidence of age in order of probative value from the groups of documents in RM 10210.265 and follow instructions in RM 10210.295D.2.To determine whether a keying error has occurred, compare the entry on the SS-5, or microprint, with the data shown in the corresponding field on the Numident.NOTE: Use your judgment about whether to request a microprint based on how likely you consider a keying error to be the cause of the incorrect DOB.When changing an individual’s DOB, ask if he or she is: If yes, review the Master Benefit Record (MBR), Supplemental Security Record (SSR), and Representative Payee System (RPS) to determine on which record the individual receives benefits and update the record(s) as necessary.Also, be aware of benefit payments affected by the change to the individual’s DOB.

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